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Entry #5

Free Porn!?

2011-09-05 13:33:15 by kupomoty

Now that i got your attention, let me tell you guys that i love you n____n i've been out here like a week and a half and i miss every godamn piece of you, so im kinda back....
OH! BTW! this a painting i made...took me about 4 days questioning sleep (z?) so....give it a check will ya ;D

Free Porn!?


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2011-09-05 13:36:01


kupomoty responds:

don't get sad..i love you u___u


2011-09-05 14:36:33

Miss me?

kupomoty responds:

fuck yea xD


2011-09-05 15:24:13

Cool. :) Also, answer my PM already!