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This is me giving a fuck!

2011-08-27 00:37:35 by kupomoty

Ammm i know that my artwork sucks.....but hey, i don't care! I will post my images over and over again 'til somebody likes honest with not "SUCK" that much like others in newgrounds (but yeah, i kinda suck xD)
Thanks guys (:
Also check my new image...maybe you kinda like it This and This

This is me giving a fuck!


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2011-08-27 01:28:58

I always noticed that the bases on the talent of art is strictly opinion. Someone can say that it sucks just because they dont like the style used.
I like that one

kupomoty responds:

Thanks man! i'm doing my best! :P


2011-08-27 03:21:12

^Its not his style that bothers me, its the way he draws the body anatomy.

As for the latest picture "I Miss You", you actually did an okay job on it. That's the kind of improvement I wanted to see.

kupomoty responds:

xD i know the body isn't right, but i made that on a.... cartoonish style xD too cartoonish though xD